Fashion Story

Fashion Story

Fashion Story is match-three puzzle game for Windows

Fashion Story is match-three puzzle game for Windows. The aim of this game is to get rid of as many fashion objects as possible in the least possible time, by swapping objects on the board in order to make a line of three or more matching objects. These objects can be lipsticks, combs, rings, mirrors, shoes, etc. We can also get rid of any object by putting it into the bag. There are 15 stages, each of them containing several levels. As we play the different levels, we are able to view our scores, current stage, and how the girl, who is originally dressed like a beggar, becomes more and more fashionably dressed.

This game is suitable for kids and adults alike. It is very easy to play and it can help us train our visual skills. The graphic user interface design is quite smart and colorful. It features several options that we can customize, such as sound and music volume, enable/disable tips, play in full screen, and play the game in low or high visual quality.

We can also replay any board again, keep several user accounts, view high scores, read the rules, etc. We can play the evaluation version of the game free of charge for one hour.

Review summary


  • Up to 100 game levels
  • Free demo
  • Easy to play
  • Suitable for anyone
  • Smart GUI
  • Nice music


  • It does not have an uninstall option
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